A unique place to see street art in Mexico City

One thing I enjoy is taking photos of street art. During my stay in Oaxaca I found many interesting examples. Since I was living there for several months, I was able to collect quite a few photos that I took whenever I happened to walk by a wall with interesting art.

Street art in Oaxaca.

Street art in Oaxaca.

I was only in Mexico City for a week, so it was more difficult to just happen across something. I had heard that there were many great examples there, but how would I find them? Continue reading

Why I prefer access to ownership, part 1: cars, books and more

This article is part 1 of a series. See also: Why I prefer access to ownership, part 2: housing

For me, access is better than ownership for most things. I’ll talk about why in this post and the next (a two-part series).

Car-sharing: better than owning just one car


photo by mathoov on Flickr

When I got rid of my car in 2005, I started using Zipcar from time to time. With Zipcar, I have a many different types of cars at my disposal. That’s much better than having to choose one type of car to own! I can reserve an SUV, a Mini-Cooper, or any other type of car, depending on what I need it for. And the cars are always clean and practically brand new. The gas is included with Zipcar rentals – you just use their credit card kept above the visor. Continue reading

On getting by with just basic Spanish (or not :)

Translating a text message from Telcel.

Translating a text message from Telcel. $200 pesos is about $17 US dollars.

I’m actually a little surprised at how far I can go with only a very basic level of Spanish language skills. Here’s where I’m at:

  • I can order food, ask directions, bargain a little in the market, go grocery shopping, drop off my laundry to be done, find things on a map, ask the taxi driver how much it will be (it’s always about $3), talk about the weather, and finally… the hardest thing…. get a SIM card for my iPhone and get it activated!
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