Why I put my photos into several different social media sites

I like using various social media sites for my photos. Why? A few reasons. I have different followers on each network, so it gets the photos out to more people. Each social network has different advantages and people use them in different ways. All of these provide more ways for people to find my blog, my ebooks, the online courses I teach, and other work. Also, it’s fun!

Oaxaca photos in Instagram for iPhone
Some Oaxaca photos in Instagram iPhone app

Here’s my flow:

  1. I take photos with my iPhone (they get backed up automatically to iCloud and Dropbox).

  3. I lay around on the couch or in bed and look through photos on my iPhone, upload some of them to Instagram (with interesting filters). This is relaxing and fun.

  5. A script I turned on in IFFT automatically copies all my Instagram photos into Flickr.
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