How to make friends and enjoy your social life as a digital nomad

Sonja & David
My friend David with his daughter, Sonja. Hanging out with them in Portland.
When I tell people about my life as a digital nomad, questions I often hear are, “don’t you get lonely?” and “How do you stand going to a place where you don’t know anyone?”

My answer is: not so far, and it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with old friends and make new friends. The world is small.

Here’s how it works. Continue reading “How to make friends and enjoy your social life as a digital nomad”

What I like best about living in Portland

Trees with pink blossoms
I just finished living in Portland for about six weeks. Now I’m in Seattle. I’m experimenting with living in different West Coast cities for a few weeks at a time — maybe I’ll choose one of them as a place to live in the future.

I visited Portland once for a about a week a few years ago (attending a conference for work), and I really liked it. Now that I’ve had a few more weeks to explore, these are my impressions. Continue reading “What I like best about living in Portland”