Books and blogs that inspired me to quit my job, work online, and move to Mexico

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Before I became location-flexible, I spent a few years thinking, dreaming and reading about it. I’ve always loved reading about other people’s experiences for inspiration.

At first it didn’t seem possible to find a way to live without my salary. I had some income from side businesses, but not nearly enough to live on. It looked like I had only two choices: stay in the rat race and continue to earn a good salary and benefits, or quit my job and become a bag lady, struggling to make ends meet. Continue reading “Books and blogs that inspired me to quit my job, work online, and move to Mexico”

Managing your money while living abroad

Here’s something  people ask me when they hear about my location-flexible life outside the U.S. How do I handle money? How do I get paid, use my checking account, etc.?

Well, it turns out, it’s fairly easy. The most helpful thing was finding a checking account and a credit card with no international transaction fees. Those can add up fast! Using those, combined with direct deposit or Paypal for getting paid makes it work.

Checking & savings accounts

Charles Schwab ATM card
Charles Schwab ATM card

I use Charles Schwab Investor Checking as my primary checking account. It’s a free account, with no minimum balance and no fees of any kind. It’s associated with their investment accounts, but you don’t need to keep your investments with them to use their checking. The best thing about it (besides the fact that it’s free and earns interest) is that they reimburse you for all ATM fees, anywhere in the world. So at the end of each month you get a credit for all the fees. It also has free bill-pay! Continue reading “Managing your money while living abroad”

Unlocked, no-contract iPhone + Skype + Google Voice = good solution for digital nomads

As I was preparing for living in Mexico for six months, I began to research the options for using my iPhone there, without paying astronomical fees.

It took a lot of research, but I finally found a solution that works well for me. Since many of you have asked, I’ll write about it here. This solution may not work for everyone, but some aspects of it may be useful for you, depending on your situation. Continue reading “Unlocked, no-contract iPhone + Skype + Google Voice = good solution for digital nomads”