Why be location-flexible?

You might wonder why I care so much about being “location-flexible.” (living in different locations for a few months at a time) Why not stay in one place?  Here are some reasons:

  • It can be fun and interesting to get to know other cultures by living in a place for a few months, instead just a few weeks on vacation. It gives you more time to use another language and get beyond elementary speaking ability.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to go where the weather is better when you are tired of winter? Without being rich or retired?

  • You can live where costs are low most of the year, and then afford to stay in expensive locations for a few weeks.

  • It’s nice to minimize the number of possessions you have, along with the responsibility of taking care of a house or condo.

  • It’s easier than ever to keep in touch with people back home, with Skype, Google Voice, email, or Facebook.

  • You can arrange your schedule so that you are certain locations for events like weddings, reunions, eldercare, and new babies.

  • I already have close communities of friends in Boston, Vermont, and San Francisco, so I like the idea of adding another place or two to my list of places where I have good friends.
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For me, lowering the cost of living is the primary reason. I want to have more time to spend on my business projects than I had while working full-time. After a few years of planning, I realized that if I could drastically lower my costs, I could afford to live without my salary while my business projects are still young. And it’s very likely I can get another professional job in the future if I don’t like this experiment.

I wouldn’t do it if that was my only reason, though. I’ve always loved traveling and exploring other cultures. And I have skills and experience with online work. So it’s a good fit for me! I’m excited to see how this experiment plays out.

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