The beauty of old things in Oaxaca

As I walked around town yesterday (the weather was much nicer… in the upper 70s instead of low 90s), I was struck by the beauty of everything old.

Everything from the bright colors of buildings, to the colonial architecture, to street art and graffiti. It’s all beautiful.

I know this is not Japan, but it’s beautiful in a way that reminds me of the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi.

Haven’t learned the names of the famous landmarks yet. Just strolling and snapping photos.

Catedral Oaxaca
Catedral Oaxaca
another church
Another interesting church (haven’t learned the names of these places yet).
colorful buildings
Colorful buildings
Green building
So very green.
Turquoise building
Turquoise building
yellow building
Lots of yellow here.
green and pink buildings
Green and pink
wall detail
Beautifully crumbling
Bird on wall
Street art

4 thoughts on “The beauty of old things in Oaxaca

  1. rwiggins

    great pictures…a rainbow of colors. thanks! I like the shadows on the buildings, but it does look HOT….

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