Why I prefer access to ownership, part 2: housing

This article is part 2 of a series. See also: Why I prefer access to ownership, part 1: cars, books and more

An Airbnb apartment in Omaha (Dundee neighborhood) where I stayed for a few days.
An Airbnb apartment in Omaha (Dundee neighborhood) where I stayed for a few days.

I like the idea of not owning a place to live, but instead having access to well-designed living spaces that I can use as needed — like Zipcar, but for housing.

Since I didn’t purchase real estate until later in life (and right before the housing crash), I never made money from it or built equity (since I had 100% financing). It’s currently breaking even as a rental and when the value comes back up to a little more than I owe, I’ll probably sell it, since I don’t want the responsibility of owning something in a city where I don’t spend much time. Continue reading “Why I prefer access to ownership, part 2: housing”

My first stay with Airbnb – loved it!

I’ve been reading about Airbnb for over a year, and now I finally had a chance to try it. It was a totally positive experience! Since I’m living a “location-flexible life” I’m interested in easy ways to find short-term housing. Airbnb seems like a good solution.

With Airbnb, you can choose to rent a room in someone’s house or apartment (while they are living there), or an entire house or apartment (without them there). For my one-week stay in Mexico City, I wanted to stay with locals, so I could get advice about how to get around and what to do in Mexico City. Renting a room in Edgar’s apartment was perfect for that.

Airbnb apartment in Mexico City.
Airbnb apartment in Mexico City.

I chose his place for several reasons: Continue reading “My first stay with Airbnb – loved it!”

Living in Oaxaca: what it’s like for me

Today is July 27 and I’ve been living in Oaxaca since May 1. So far it’s been wonderful and also a bit hard at the same time. I’d like to discuss all aspects of my life here, since I always appreciate hearing all sides when I read other people’s blogs.

First, the wonderful aspects:

  • Great weather. After May ended (the hottest month here), the weather became beautiful. Cool in the mornings and evening, in the 70s-80s during the day, with a brief rainstorm in the late afternoon. Very reliably nice. Day after day. (When I was in Boston from January through April I was so cold all the time!)
  • Oaxaca weather averages

  • Beautiful old buildings. I absolutely love the old architecture. I also love the ordinary buildings that are a bit crumbling. It reminds me of the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi,” the idea that there is beauty in imperfection.
  • Continue reading “Living in Oaxaca: what it’s like for me”