Staying in one place for a while as a digital nomad

One good thing about having location-flexible work is that you can choose when to live as a nomad, and when to stay in one place for a while. After “nomading” for 4.5 years, I’ve been staying in one place for almost 9 months (a record for me)! It’s beautiful Brattleboro, Vermont.

Before this 9-month period, I spent my third winter in Tucson (Nov. 2016 to May 2017), and it was lovely. The weather is so great during those months (especially compared to New England), and I have some Tucson friends that I enjoy spending time with. I loved riding my bike, living in a micro-apartment, and using the co-working space in downtown Tucson. See my last post for details: A digital nomad in Vermont & Tucson: good friends and the joys of coworking.

Dating as a digital nomad

As you can imagine, nomads have some challenges when it comes to dating. When people hear that you’re not staying for more than a few months, they tend to lose interest. I’ve seen other nomads talk about these challenges on their blogs. And I’ve also seen stories of nomads who found a partner to travel with them — lucky! (Benny Lewis, Niall Doherty, and Gigi Griffis). Continue reading “Staying in one place for a while as a digital nomad”

A digital nomad in Vermont & Tucson: good friends and the joys of coworking

It’s been quite a while since I wrote on this blog! Finally I’m back to writing (and in Brattleboro, Vermont for the holidays). In the summer and fall of 2016 I had a very enjoyable five months in Brattleboro (June through October), with frequent short trips to Boston. My closest friends live here — they are family to me and we’ve spent our Christmas holidays together since the late 80s. It’s really great to live where you have a community of friends you love and know well. Continue reading “A digital nomad in Vermont & Tucson: good friends and the joys of coworking”

Building communities of friends as a digital nomad

Last year was an exciting year because I lived in so many interesting places.

  • 5 months: January-May in Tucson, AZ.
  • 1 month: June (my vacation month). About a week each with friends in Seattle, San Francisco, Omaha, Boston, and Martha’s Vineyard.
  • 3 months: July-September in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 2 months: October-November: Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • 1 month: December. Visiting friends in San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, and Brattleboro, Vermont.

It was fun to live in so many places, including those where I don’t speak the language (Hungary and Thailand). After such an adventurous year, I felt the need to chill out and relax a bit by staying in the U.S. Continue reading “Building communities of friends as a digital nomad”