The Digital Nomadic Life: Thoughts After My First Two Years

small suitcase and small daypack
Packing light for six months outside of the U.S.
It’s been a little over two years since I started my “location-flexible life,” otherwise known as being a digital nomad. So it seems like a good time to reflect—sum up the pros and cons, think about what I’ve learned, and gather my thoughts for the future. (See my very first post on this blog, “Why be location-flexible?“)

I hope this will be useful to those of you who are thinking of doing this, but haven’t yet started. Continue reading “The Digital Nomadic Life: Thoughts After My First Two Years”

Living in Tucson without a car

Walkable 4th Ave.
Walkable 4th Ave.

Yes, it can be done — if you live in one of the walkable neighborhoods — and if you don’t have to commute to work. I work on my laptop in local coffee shops, so as long as there are plenty nearby (with free Wi-Fi), I’m happy.

macbook air & iced tea at Exo Roast
Working with my Macbook Air at Exo Roast.

I’m living near downtown Tucson, also near the University of Arizona. I’ve been here since January 1 and I’m leaving on June 1. I bought a bike to use here, but I could have easily gone everywhere I need to without one, because it’s all very walkable. There is also a streetcar that I rarely use because it’s quicker to hop on my bike. Continue reading “Living in Tucson without a car”

Living with minimal possessions: thoughts from a slow-moving digital nomad

two rolling suitcases, two small backpacks
All my possessions, packed up. In Echo Park, Los Angeles, on the way to San Diego, Feb. 2013.

Since one of my readers asked me to write about clothing, and since I really don’t have it all figured out, I decided to write about living with minimal possessions in general, with clothing as a sub-topic.

First of all, I really admire all of those travelers who move around the world with only a small carry-on bag and then blog about their packing list!

But that’s not me. Continue reading “Living with minimal possessions: thoughts from a slow-moving digital nomad”